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Surf Lesson Basics

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Learning to surf is quite simply one of the best things you can do with your life and we at Whitby Surf School want to give you either the best start or help develop your surfing skills so that you can comfortably surf safely on your own, make excellent progression and fully enjoy this fantastic sport and connection we have to the sea. As the saying goes "only a surfer knows the feeling" …

As a result of our many years of surf coaching we appreciate that people learn at different speeds, in different ways and in different personal environments. To cater for this we have developed different programs which we can personally tailor to suit your specific needs.

To begin with our lessons are broadly based on two levels; Beginner and Developer and these can be taken within the context of a Private Lesson either 1:1, 1:2 or Private Group or in Open Lesson where you will join a group of like ability and minded people.

Beginner Lesson:

A beginner lesson is aimed at the complete novice surfer or for someone who has had some experience in the past but doesn’t feel that confident. The lesson is divided into theory and practical work equipping you with skills to access the water safely, knowledge of the equipment and step by step instruction building your skill level and confidence to allow you to independently paddle into waves and stand up.

Developer Lesson:

A developer lesson is aimed at helping an intermediate level surfer who for whatever reason feels that his / her progression has plateau’d and is looking for specific coaching to recognise areas for development. Equipping the rider with the skills to really move their surfing forward. These lessons are highly rewarding as often a simple fine tuning of technique can accelerate your progression dramatically. It’s not uncommon for people to comment that "they feel like they are falling in love with the sport all over again!" …

What to bring:

We provide all equipment wetsuits, boots, gloves, hoods boards etc so you will only need to bring:

  • A completed hard copy of the medical form which will be emailed to you on booking your lesson
  • Swimming Costume (to wear under the wetsuit).
  • Towel
  • Waterproof Sunblock (even if its overcast its advisable to wear skin protection)
  • Warm Clothing and food for after the lesson
  • A smile and sense of adventure :)

Lesson Duration, Times & Booking:

Lessons are normally 2 hrs long depending on the tide and swell conditions and normally operate in the morning and afternoon. Check the calendar below for the latest times of Open Group Lessons. To book or make enquiries about Private Lesson availability contact us. The School is open all year although our peak season is from April - October. From May to September we also run evening lessons daylight hours permitting.

It is strongly advisable to book to avoid disappointment especially during the summer months. Please note:

  • We cater for age 8 and upwards.
  • Children do benefit considerably by being taught together within a peer group and we recommend our Junior Specific Surf Camps, Surf Club or as a Private lesson with parents. We strongly believe that there is no retirement in surfing, and you’re also never to old to learn!
  • A prerequisite for taking part in surf lessons is a swimming ability of at least 25m unaided.
  • That at the time of booking we will require full payment which will be subject to our refund policy.
  • That lessons may have to be rescheduled if swell / weather conditions are not suitable.